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The UNAMLR was established in March 2012 after law students submitted a proposal to that effect which found the endorsement of the Faculty of Law. Pursuant thereto, an Editorial Board of students was constituted, a constitution regulating its activities was drafted and adopted, a call for submissions was disseminated, with submissions being subjected to an internal review followed by an external blind peer review process. The first issue of the UNAMLR was launch by Supreme Court Justice Maritz on the 28th day of February 2013.

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The mission statement of the Review shall read as follows:

1.  In the unwavering pursuit to provide a forum for legal discourse, the Review:

     a)   Shall adhere to the highest standards of analysis, accuracy, and timeliness in publishing the Review;  

     b)   Distinguishes the Faculty of Law within the University of Namibia as a leading institution, known for its support of

           scholarship and academic pursuit;

     c)   Shall attract the Faculty of Law’s finest legal communicators by encouraging independent legal thought, offering

           positions of responsibility, and maintaining a tradition of service to our Faculty;  

     d)   Informs the legal profession about the compelling issues of our time by providing a forum for student scholars,

           practitioners, and legal educators;

     e)   Offers the legal profession a selection of academic papers balanced between the theoretical and practical;

     f)    Upholds the honour and decorum of the legal profession by championing the highest standards of conduct;

     g)   Stands together as advocates of quality legal education, striving to improve the reputations of our law review and

           of our school;

     h)   Inspires cooperation, commitment, and camaraderie among our membership and the Faculty of Law at large;

     i)    Safeguards an institutional memory and tradition so that those who follow will benefit from our experience and;

     j)    Provides a venue for the robust and intellectual discourse of the issues at the forefront of the legal profession.


2.   To this end, the Review is committed to disseminate insightful articles, case notes, commentaries, legislative

     summaries and other scholarly writings on significant legislation and judicial decisions, the evolution and expansion of

     legal doctrines, and such other developments in the domestic and international fora as would have substantial impact

     on the theory and practice of law.





The UNAMLR recognizes that our Law is an offspring of our long political, social and economic history of which without the written word, its heritage would be lost. Therefore the UNAMLR has heeded the yearning and nostalgic calls from students of Law who would like to contribute to legal discussions. The UNAMLR is mandated and committed:

  • To primarily publish a journal of legal discourse, a yearly volume constituting of two (2) issues bi-annually.

  • To promote a conducive forum and climate for intellectual exchange, research, self-development, academic excellence and analytic experience for law students.

  • Publish student works of exceptional quality in order to ensure reputable standing of the Law Review. .

  • To foster and promote quality writing within the legal community and do all that is necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

  • To provide a permanent record of student scholarship.

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