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1. The Editorial Board welcomes submissions for potential publication by students, academics and other legal scholars to engage in academic writing on any relevant legal matters. The Review is open for Articles, Case Notes, Comments, Legislative Summaries, Speeches, Professional lecture papers and book reviews.


2. All submissions must be written in British English and should be gender neutral.


3. Upon submission to the Review, it is ipso facto presumed that the submission is original and has never been previously published elsewhere. Unpublished thesis and dissertations are welcomed for consideration.


4. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Editorial Board accept previously published material.


5. The Editorial Board shall forward submitted manuscripts in confidence to an expert blind peer reviewer(s) for evaluation in a blind peer reviewing process.


6. Upon submission and subsequent approval, the author transfers copyright over the manuscript to the Review.


7. All submissions must be sent via e-mail to managingeditor@unamlawreview.com and must be in both Ms Word and PDF format. No hard copy submission will be considered.


8. All Articles must be between 5,000 - 12,000 words; including footnotes. An abstract of not exceeding 250 words should be included.


9. Legislative summaries and cases notes should not exceed 5,000 words, including footnotes.


10. Book or Journal reviews should not exceed 10,000 words, including footnotes. All manuscripts submitted must conform to the referencing style of the UNAM Faculty of Law, therefore authors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with this referencing style. The Referencing Style is available on the Review website.

UNAMLR Submissin Guidelines to Contributors


Current Issue


Subject to the submission guidelines the UNAMLR adopts the Referencing style of the Namibian Law Journal.

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