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Having an article published in the Law Review is a great way of leaving your mark in law school, and contributes to legal scholarship everywhere–from the classroom to the courtroom.





The rigor of your experience will require you to cultivate many of those skills that are vital to being a lawyer. A great deal of your legal career will involve a substantial amount of legal research and writing. Often, post-graduation life presents very few opportunities to develop these skills with quality guidance. In Law Review, upper level students and faculty provide constructive feedback that is instrumental in taking your writing to the next level. Whether it is working on your own note or editing someone else’s, you will quickly master the art of thorough, meticulous, and diligent research as a member of the Law Review. Through this process, you learn how to eliminate ambiguity, illogicality, tautology, circumlocution, and redundancy in your writing. These are critical skills that aspirant students who which to practice law must master. Law Review articles include a massive variety of sources and will expose you to materials and databases that the Law School Curriculum overlooks. Thus you broaden your knowledge of databases and broaden your legal education.





Granted! Every student knows how to write. However, a Law student must know how to write legally and master this art. The most beneficial aspects of Law Review membership are the writing experiences the members receive during their service and the recognition they receive in the legal community. Legal Writing in Law School will make you a great legal writer, no doubt, but don’t think this is the only way lawyers learn how to write. Law Review is a wonderful place outside the cookie-cutter legal paradigm that dominates writing in the classic lecture class. Only the Best writers will become the most successful Attorneys, Advocates, and inevitable Judges of our High and Supreme Courts. To put it mildly, excellent legal writing starts now!





The above skills are attractive to potential employers. Additionally, they also often look highly upon law review staff because law review participation shows a high level of commitment to improving your writing skills and creating a product that is valuable to the greater legal community.





Membership on the Law Review is no guarantee that you will get a job, but it is a major resume builder. Membership on the law review is the most prestigious credential a law student can acquire. Not only is selection highly competitive, legal employers prize the skills law review members develop.





It does not hurt (usually) as membership is an academic honour for which students are encouraged to strive.

  • Get published

  • Enhance your research skills!

  • Learn to write (again)!

  • Build your resume!

  • Obtain a career advantage

  • Boost your ego

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